Pinless 4P / 8P System


This space saving system enables production of pinless 4 and 8 pagers as well as various gate folded and flat covers. A low cost alternative to Pinless Double Former Folder, the system is available with or without the sheeting capability.
The 4P/8P System consists of a Horizontal Double Former section and a shear type cutting section. The Horizontal Double Former section takes 38” wide web and slits it into two ribbons.  The ribbons go over air angle bars and are folded by steep angle formers, positioned in the horizontal plane. The ribbons can be folded individually to produce two folded streams for 4-pagers, or they can be folded together to produce 8-pagers.
The folded ribbons go to a shear type Rotary Cutter with two around cut and deliver in a shingled stream.  In Sheeter Plus 4P/8P System, the Rotary Cutter is replace by Sheeter enabling production of 4s, 8s, as well as full size cut sheets. The system can be located in straight-line or at right angle to press to deliver four 4 pagers in two adjacent streams or two 8 pagers into single stream


This system produces four pagers in four delivery streams and two 8 pagers in two delivery streams. The Rotary Cutter unit incorporates a diverter section to divert from half of sheet into a different level of belts, enabling production of different sections. The Four Delivery 4P/8P System is ideal for short run jobs with different versions that can be run together.


This system enables producing single and double gatefolded 6 and 8 pagers. The station is provided with full web angle bar for web shifting and two INNOFORMER™ folding assemblies to make gatefolds in the web.  The Gatefold Station is located behind the Horizontal Double Former section and delivers the folded web to the Horizontal Former for final fold.


Patented vacuum cutterhead is incorporated in the Rotary Cutter to produced finished, trimmed to size 4,6 and 8 pagers.  The vacuum cutterhead is provided with two double knife holders.  Each double knife holder cuts on chip, varying in size from ¼” to 1” that is pulled into the body of cutterhead by vacuum applied to the stationary ends of the cutterhead.