Heavy duty design of Innotech Sheeter enables not only cutting and stacking flat sheets but also production of a variety of folded products, such as magazine covers, flyers, newspapers inserts and other direct mail pieces.

The diagram below illustrates the modular addition of Innoformer folding stations before the Sheeter to produce additional products.  Innoformer, the geometric air bar plow, enables folding web or ribbons at high speeds without time consuming adjustments needed by conventional plows.  A single Innoformer station with a ribbon shifter will enable production of pinless 4 pagers and 8 pagers thru Sheeter.  A second Innoformer station adds the capability to produce single gated 6 pagers, double gated 8 pagers as well as many other products.

Flat products are stacked in the Hi-Pile Sheet Stacker while the folded products are delivered in shingled stream on a portable delivery conveyor to the stacking equipment.

Sheeting Folding System